If you enjoy the stories on this website, you might also enjoy these recommendations.

★ indicates a particlarly strong recommendation.

Q is my subjective impression of the writing quality. 3+ means the writing didn't bother me, 4 means the writing is a reason to read, 5 means it blew me away.

R is a crude measure of the /r/rational nature. 3+ means that the writing scratches the rational itch, 4 means I think /r/rational would enjoy it more than a normal person, 5 means I consider it specifically rationalist fiction.

U is how unique the story is. Basically, would you be missing out on something important if you didn't read it? 3+ means you might regret not reading it, 4 means some of its qualities are very hard to find, 5 means there's nothing else quite like it.


Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality fanfic
(Has its own fanfiction, most notably Significant Digits.)
4 5 5
Mother of Learning timeloop 4 3 4
Worm 5 3 5
(Sequel to Worm, read that first.)
4 3 5
Twig 4 3 5
Pact 4 2 5
Worth the Candle unfinished 3 5 5
Beware of Chicken unfinished humor genre_savvy 4 2 5
Super Minion unfinished 3 2 2
Vainqueur The Dragon unfinished humor litrpg 3 1 2
Vigor Mortis unfinished 4 1 2
Never Die Twice 4 2 2
Dungeon Crawler Carl unfinished humor litrpg 3 1 2
Forge of Destiny unfinished 4 0 2
Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4 unfinished humor genre_savvy
(Writing is iffy, plot quality peters out partway through.)
2 3 5
A Practical Guide to Evil unfinished genre_savvy 4 3 4
Dungeon Keeper Ami unfinished fanfic litrpg 3 3 4
Unsong 4 4 5
Crystal Society
(Trilogy, first book is materially better.)
4 4 4
Friendship is Optimal fanfic
(Has its own fanfiction, most notably Caelum Est Conterrens.)
3 4 3
Luminosity fanfic
(Has a sequel that I liked less.)
3 5 3
Time Braid fanfic timeloop 2 3 3
Chunin Exam Day fanfic timeloop 2 3 3
The Waves Arisen fanfic 3 5 3
Pokemon: The Origin of Species fanfic unfinished 3 5 4
The Two Year Emperor fanfic genre_savvy litrpg 2 4 3
Harry Potter and the Natural 20 fanfic genre_savvy litrpg unfinished 2 3 2
Animorphs: The Reckoning fanfic unfinished 3 4 3
The Dark Wizard of Donkerk 3 4 3
Shadows of the Limelight 4 4 4
Glimwarden unfinished abandoned 4 4 4
There Is No Antimemetics Division
(http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-055 is background reading.)
3 5 5
Ra 4 3 4
Cordyceps humor 3 4 4
How to survive Death on a Daily Basis unfinished abandoned
(Plot quality peters out partway through)
4 2 3
Everybody Loves Large Chests litrpg humor
(Fun, but lots of unnecessary sexual content.)
3 1 4


Sufficiently Advanced Magic litrpg
(First book in series.)
3 3 3
Perilous Waif 4 3 5
Mistborn: The Final Empire
(First book in trilogy. Author is prolific if you like it.)
4 3 4
Blindsight 4 3 5
A Girl Corrupted by the Internet is the Summoned Hero?! humor 3 4 4
The Martian 4 4 4
Project Hail Mary 4 4 4
The Name of the Wind
(First book in a trilogy.)
5 3 5
Merchant Princes Series 4 2 3
A Deepness in the Sky 3 2 3
Snow Crash 4 2 4
The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
(If you like Snow Crash, you'll probably like this.)
4 2 4
(Best enjoyed in high school before learning any cryptography.)
4 4 5
Anathem 3 4 5
Seveneves 4 4 4
Making Money
(There is a prequel, Going Postal, which can be read first. If you like this book, there are many more Discworld novels.)
5 3 5
Player of Games
(Many other books set in this universe.)
4 2 4
(Mostly interesting for historical reasons.)
4 1 5
Ender's Game 4 3 4
The Skylark of Space
(Mostly interesting for historical reasons.)
4 1 4


Envoy 3 4 4
Here's a Story About Changelings 4 2 5
The Rules of Wishing fanfic 4 5 3
Tower 3 5 4
Humanity Fuck Yeah stories 3 1 5
Professor Riddle and the Quest for Tenure fanfic unfinished abandoned humor 4 2 5
One Compile Man fanfic humor 3 4 4
I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility 3 4 5
Lena 4 4 5
Other qntm Stories
(If you want more qntm stories.)
3 2 4
The Metropolitan Man fanfic 3 5 4
The Last Christmas fanfic 3 5 4
Branches on the Tree of Time fanfic 3 5 4
Ever After 3 5 4
Three Worlds Collide 4 5 5
The Sword of Good 4 5 4
Beisutsukai Stories 3 5 4
That Alien Message 4 5 5
Other Eliezer Yudkowsky Stories
(If you want more Eliezer Yudkowsky stories, ones I like that didn't quite make the cut are 'Non-Player Character' and 'The Hero with a Thousand Chances'.)
4 4 4
...And I Show You How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes humor 4 4 5
Samsara humor 4 2 5
Answer to Job 4 4 5
The Whispering Earring 3 4 4
The Witching Hour 3 3 5
Other Scott Alexander Stories
(If you want more Scott Alexander stories, ones I like that didn't quite make the cut are 'The Last Temptation of Christ', 'The Study of Anglophysics', and 'Asches to Asches'.)
3 3 4
The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant 3 5 5
The Cambist and Lord Iron 4 4 4
The Egg 4 1 3
The Last Answer 4 2 4


Erfworld litrpg
The Order of the Stick litrpg genre_savvy humor
The Promised Neverland
Ultimate Rock-paper-scissors humor
Girl Genius
Schlock Mercenary humor
(The first comics are very rough. The author says to consider starting with Force Multiplication at https://www.schlockmercenary.com/2010-11-29.)


Peter's Evil Overlord List
Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy
Intelligent Characters (Yudkowsky)
Sanderson's Laws of Magic
Brandon Sanderson on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing (Stephenson)
Distrust That Particular Flavor (Gibson)
Paul Graham's Essays
Astral Codex Ten
(Older stuff is at https://slatestarcodex.com/ and https://archive.fo/fCFQx .)
Rationality: From AI to Zombies
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!


Too Like the Lightning
(Very well-written, author is smart, I lost interest a few chapters in.)
The Wandering Inn
(Very polarized opinions, lots of people like it, I was bored.)
The Vorkosigan Saga
(Been recommended to me multiple times, on my to-read list. Lots of stories in universe, link goes to the starting point I was recommended.)
The Need to Become Stronger
(Naruto fanfic, popular but I haven't read it.)
(Worm fanfic, on my to-read list.)
The Northern Caves
(I wasn't able to finish it, cool concept but kind of slow.)
Fall of Doc Future
(Popular webfic, on my to-read list.)
Permutation City
(Novel, Haven't read it.)
The Flower That Bloomed Nowhere
(Ongoing webfic, on my to-read list.)
Lighting Up the Dark
(HPMOR-inspired Naruto fanfic, haven't read it.)
Marked for Death
(A rational Naruto quest, haven't read it.)
The Erogamer
(An erotic mostly-rational Gamer story. Extremely popular even among people not interesting in the erotic part. Tried it but wasn't my thing. You need an account to read it.)
(Popular LitRPG, I got bored and dropped it.)
With This Ring
(Young Justice SI fanfic, haven't read it.)
(MLP fanfic, haven't read it.)
(Good original webfiction, reminds me a bit of Worm. Dropped it after a few chapters.)
The Daily Grind
(LitRPG, starts a little slow, I dropped it but on my try-to-read-again list.)
(Popular novel, haven't read it.)
Fine Structure
(Webnovel, on my to-read list.)
(Webnovel, on my to-read list.)
Floating Point
(Webnovel, haven't read it.)
City of Angles
(Webnovel, haven't read it)
There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns
(Popular webnovel, haven't read it.)
Chili and the Chocolate Factory: Fudge Revelation
(Rationalist fanfic, very popular. I didn't really understand why it's good, stopped after a few chapters.)
Transdimensional Brain Chip
(Webcomic, haven't read it.)
All Night Laundry
(Interactive horror webcomic, haven't read it.)
Never Die Twice
(Webnovel by the author of Vainqueur the dragon, haven't read it.)
The Perfect Run
(Timeloop webnovel by the author of Vainqueur the dragon, the humor didn't really land for me but some people like it.)
(By the same author as Worm, unfinished, haven't read it yet.)
(Terry Pratchett novel, haven't read it but all his stuff is good. Brassica_Rex on Reddit says it's a good rational YA novel.)
The Freeze-Frame Revolution
(Novel, haven't read it.)
An Infinite Recursion of Time
(WTC-inspired, played-straight timeloop litrpg harem fic.)
The Simulacrum
The Calamitous Bob
You Needed Opponents with Gravitas
(Worm/The Culture Crossover)
The Last Angel
Nowhere Land